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"Wow! We have had the most amazing 4 days. Thank you so much for recommending Wild Exploration. Nelson was fabulous at responding to all questions and making reservations etc.Our guide Makinda was a perfect choice, being fantastically knowledgeable and friendly. Such an educated man, with a very broad base of knowledge on all animals, flora, geology etc. we are now in Arusha waiting to fly back to Dar tomorrow, and the uk the next day" ....................................................- Ian and Liz Jones **************************************************** "The exploration safari was amazing! Got to take a lot of great pictures of birds, insects and animals. We also saw unique bird and insect species in Tanzania" -Ummehani


Community safari


If you're interested in seeing the profits of your safari returned to the local community, then booking with a local tour operator ensures this to some extent. However, just because a company is local, doesn't mean its regard for its employees, the environment and local communities is necessarily better than foreign owned safari companies. We at Wild Exploration Safari  are eco-friendly and community friendly outfits. Feel free to ask us if you want to be involved in a community projects of just a visit.

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